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Buy NEM with a credit card

Reality shows that modern banking systems are unpromising for fast and reliable international transactions. Today, various cryptocurrencies have gained great popularity. Moreover, you can buy NEM with a credit card and make a great investment.

Because the cost of cryptocurrency fluctuates widely – many of the world’s billionaires have purchased coins at a low price and sold at a favorable rate. However, it is also very important to choose a reliable and convenient service that guarantees security and allows you to conduct a profitable transaction. Coinsbuy is a great option.

Features and history of NEM cryptocurrency

In 2014, a development team launched an alpha version of a new cryptocurrency written in Java and JavaScript. The test was successful, and after some modifications, in May 2015 users were able to buy NEM online on various services and platforms. The total number of coins is 9 billion, and the cost as of mid-2020 is 6 cents.

Today, NEM (New Economy Movement) is traded on all major cryptocurrency exchanges. The headquarters is located in Singapore and the main developers and investors are EEC citizens. It is mainly promoted on crypto platforms in Japan, where it is the second most popular digital currency after Bitcoin.

Additionally, cryptocurrency has several important features:

Fast confirmation of the transaction (on average 20 seconds). While Bitcoin is struggling to solve the scaling problem, several Japanese banks have already agreed with NEM to create a payment infrastructure on Mijin.
Low commission. The payment is from 0.001% of the number of funds transferred (that is, for a transfer in the equivalent of $1000, the commission will be only 10 cents).
Speed ​​of processing. NEM technology, tested by independent experts, supports about three thousand transactions per second (for comparison, Bitcoin supports about 9 transactions per second, Ethereum – 14, and the global payment operator Visa can carry out about 4000 transactions per second).
Transparency. All transactions within the network are non-anonymous and traceable. Therefore, government regulators in many countries allow citizens to legally buy NEM with a credit card on the territory.

How can I Buy NEM?

Coinsbuy service offers users the best conditions. The company’s customers can buy NEM and other cryptocurrencies quickly, reliably, and with minimal fees. After going through the registration procedure users get access to a wide range of convenient features.

How to Buy NEM with a credit card?

This option is available to all registered clients of the company and takes only a few minutes.

  • Log in to your account using your password;
  • Select the user menu then “buy crypto”;
  • Indicate the transaction amount and type of payment (via credit card);
  • Enter your data and go through the verification procedure;
  • The transaction will be completed as soon as possible after verification and confirmation.

Where can I Buy NEM?

There are many sites on the internet where you can buy NEM and other cryptocurrencies but if you prefer reliability and security, then Coinsbuy is a great choice. The company will allow you to make a transaction with cryptocurrencies at the most favorable rate and with a minimum commission.

How can I Exchange NEM?

This is another option available to registered Coinsbuy customers. To do this, you need to log into your account, select the “Exchange” item in the menu, and specify the details of the transaction (how much you want to exchange, etc.). After that, you need to go through verification and confirm the decision. The deal will be completed as soon as possible.

How to Sell NEM?

The Coinsbuy service offers not only to buy NEM and other cryptocurrencies, but also to exchange or sell currencies.

  • Log in to your account or register.
  • Open the user menu (“Sell Crypto”);
  • Select the type of currency and payment, as well as the amount of the transaction;
  • Confirm the decision;
  • The money will be credited to your account after identity verification and confirmation.

Where can I Sell NEM?

There are many opportunities to sell a cryptocurrency, but our company offers the best conditions. The Coinsbuy service comes with a great reputation. Moreover, we offer our clients convenience and minimal commission. Buy NEM with fiat currencies, exchange or sell it for maximum profit.

How to Open NEM Wallet?

A registered Coinsbuy customer has access to a wide range of options. You can open a NEM wallet (or any other cryptocurrency) through the user menu. Now you have the opportunity to make transactions and transfers through the NEM system.

How to Receive NEM?

To receive transfers to your NEM wallet, you need to register with the Coinsbuy service. After that, you need to open a cryptocurrency wallet and link its number to your account. The currency will now be received here.

How to Send NEM?

To send cryptocurrency to another NEM wallet, you need to:

  • Visit the Coinsbuy website and sign in to your account;
  • Open the user menu and select “send crypto”;
  • Indicate the transaction amount and the recipient’s wallet number;
  • Confirm the decision and wait for the transaction to complete.

Is it safe to Buy NEM?

Yes it is as Coinsbuy takes care of its customers. The user’s personal information is protected using modern protocols. Therefore, hackers will not be able to access your data and gain access to your wallet. You can safely buy NEM with a credit card instantly as well as sell, and exchange currency.

How can I Convert NEM?

This is another handy option available to Coinsbuy customers. Just log into your account, activate the user menu, and select “Convert”. Now enter the transaction amount and another currency. The site takes the minimum commission to ensure the deal will be the most profitable.

What is the lowest amount of NEM I can buy?

You can buy NEM online quickly and securely, but Coinsbuy has a minimum transaction limit. The deal must be at least 25 EUR.

What is the maximum amount of NEM I can buy?

  • Maximum transaction amount is 2,000 Eur
  • Daily limit per account 5,000 Eur
  • Weekly limit per account 15,000 Eur
  • Monthly limit per account 15,000 Eur
  • Number of card transactions per day: 10
  • Transaction limit per 1 card per month 10,000 Eur

What is the Price of NEM today?

Today, the cost of one coin is 6 cents, but this figure is constantly changing. You can track the changes on a convenient chart posted on the site. Additionally, Coinsbuy offers the best conditions for cryptocurrency transactions enabling you to buy NEM instantly, exchange, and sell currencies with maximum profit.