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Buy NEO with a credit card

In 2014 Da HongFei and Eric Zhang launched the Antshares project aiming to establish a smart economy ecosystem. The crypto community called such an ambitious project ‘the Chinese Ethereum’. In 2017 the project was rebranded, getting a new identification, NEO, to highlight its revolutionary ideas and goals.

The project is the first Chinese-based open-source blockchain platform. The platform aims to support decentralized commercial projects, digital identification, and digitalization of various assets.
At present, NEO is ranked in 21st place, according to market capitalization, but its return on investment indexes are among the highest. The total supply of this cryptocurrency comprises 100 million NEO tokens.

Coinsbuy offers investors the chance to buy NEO with a credit card and, therefore, add a promising asset to their investing portfolios. The platform assures users that all transactions are safe and secure, while the fees charged are the lowest.

Many experts predict that NEO is about to conquer the Asian market. The crypto has its own blockchain hence it is independent and dominant over other Asian-based coins. Tens of projects are based on the NEO blockchain to create a huge stimulus for its future development. The asset is about to rise, therefore, investors should not miss the chance to buy NEO online.

How can I Buy NEO?

Coinsbuy is a platform that strives to make the process of crypto purchase entirely straightforward. Registered users are able to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat money in just several clicks. The platform has listed NEO to provide an investor with the broadest potential.

How to Buy NEO with credit card?

When a user needs to buy NEO with credit card instantly, the process takes an investor just several minutes:

  • Log in to your Coinsbuy account or sign up for free.
  • Select NEO among the listed cryptocurrencies and select the amount you wish to invest in.
  • Specify the preferred fiat currency to convert into crypto.
  • Undergo email, phone, and ID verification.
  • Confirm the purchase and get crypto on your wallet.

Where to Buy NEO?

NEO coins are listed on different trading and exchange platforms, while Coinsbuy provides the best conditions for users. Investors are granted by the opportunity to buy, sell, hold, and exchange their assets whenever they wish.

How can I Exchange NEO?

The crypto world is changing rapidly, which means investors should keep an eye on recent tendencies. Sometimes, there is the necessity to exchange one asset to another. Coinsbuy has listed diverse crypto assets, and registered members are available to buy NEO and other cryptocurrencies or to convert one digital asset into another with the lowest fees.

How can I Sell NEO?

To get profits from crypto you need to act quickly. There are some situations when users have to sell their crypto investments for fiat money.

Coinsbuy makes such a process secure:

  • Sign in to your account.
  • Choose the crypto and amount you need to withdraw.
  • Specify the fiat currency you wish to get.
  • Verify your identity.
  • Confirm the withdrawal.

Where to Sell NEO?

Coinsbuy is a multifunctional platform so registered users have access to buy NEO with fiat currencies and sell crypto assets. The platform deals with international fiat gateways, making all the transactions secure. The whole process of withdrawal takes several minutes.

How to Open NEO Wallet?

If you wish to open a wallet to buy NEO with a credit card, you need to follow these steps:

  • Press on the ‘Start Now’ button to open an account.
  • Enter your personal information (first and last name, date of birth, etc.). Note that those 18+ only are accessible to sign up for the platform.
  • Validate your account to prove you are a real person.
  • When you purchase certain crypto assets (including NEO), you will get a wallet automatically.

How to Receive NEO?

Users can buy NEO online, and also have access to receive coins from other wallets. Enter your account and copy an automatically generated address. The system generates a unique address each time you make a request. All previous addresses stay valid.

How to Send NEO?

A Coinsbuy wallet is widely used for sending crypto to other addresses. NEO is accepted as a payment method by more than 1 000 merchants which means holders can purchase goods and services with these coins. Get an address and insert it into the appropriate field. Then specify the exact amount of NEO to send, and confirm the transfer.

Is it Safe to Buy NEO?

NEO is among the top-rated and oldest digital assets investors prefer to buy NEO with fiat currencies, so that they can diversify their portfolios. The Coinsbuy platform requires two-factor authentication, protecting users from frauds. Meanwhile, the investors themselves should keep an eye on their security.

How can I Convert/Exchange NEO?

The Coinsbuy platform comprises the exchange feature – users can convert their NEO into other digital assets directly on the platform. The most beneficial conditions are on offer for investors.

What is the lowest amount of NEO I can buy?

When a user is going to buy NEO with a credit card, he or she should be informed about limits set by Coinsbuy. According to the platform rules, deposits should start with 25 Euro. Investors are able to purchase 1.97 NEO or more. With exchange deals, no limits are attached.

What is the maximum amount of NEO I can buy?

There are some limits linked with the maximum amount of crypto you may invest in.

Users may buy NEO in equivalent to 5 000 EUR (466 NEO) per day, while a single transaction should not exceed €2 000 (186 NEO).
Weekly and monthly limits are 15 000 Euros (1 400 NEO).
Investors are not allowed to make more than 10 card transactions daily, while there is a €10 000 (932 NEO) monthly limit for transactions within one card.

What is the NEO price now?

Users can buy NEO with a credit card by $12.68 per coin, while the all-time return on investments is 6 887% that places it among the most promising assets.