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Buy Bitcoin Cash with a Credit Card

These days, cryptocurrencies have become a great tool for fast and secure transactions around the world. Due to the high level of protection and absence of additional checks (as in banking transactions), sending money takes only a few minutes.

Until ten years ago, only Bitcoin was in existence, but now there are many great and convenient alternatives. For example, a huge number of users are eager to Buy Bitcoin Cash with fiat currencies, because this option is one of the most interesting types of investments.

History and features of the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency

As you know, in 2009 the first cryptocurrency appeared which was called Bitcoin. It used Blockchain algorithms and the most secure (at that time) SHA-256 hash function. This currency quickly became popular but it turned out to have several problems. Therefore, in 2015, the development of a more convenient alternative began. The result is the fourth most popular cryptocurrency with a total capitalization of over $ 20 billion.

Today you can buy Bitcoin Cash with a credit card instantly thanks to Blockchain technology. This is not surprising since the cryptocurrency was created based on the already existing Bitcoin. But the main emphasis was on the important features.

Scalability: Due to the huge growth in popularity, Bitcoin began to face serious scalability issues. The network is currently capable of processing 7-10 transactions per second. Bitcoin Cash solves this problem by increasing the “block size” from 2 megabytes to 8 megabytes. This allows the system to process more transactions per second compared to Bitcoin.
Cost of Transactions: Transaction fees are a major concern for users. Currently, the average transaction fee for Bitcoin is around $1.31, while for Bitcoin Cash it is around $0.125. This is a huge difference!
Enhanced security measures. A system of protection against hacker attacks by erasing and replaying data was specially developed for the network. The innovative security technology provides for a new type of complexity recalculation that provides additional protection for payment transactions: the signature of the incoming value. This avoids quadratic hashing problems and provides another guarantee of the inviolability of users’ wallets. Therefore, today you can safely buy Bitcoin Cash with a credit card without fear of becoming the victim of a scam. The main thing is to use the services of a trusted site.

How can I Buy Bitcoin Cash?

You can purchase various cryptocurrencies on third-party websites, through electronic wallets, or exchange them on an exchange. However, the most profitable and secure way is to buy Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies on our Coinsbuy website.

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash with a credit card?

If you have registered on the Coinsbuy website, it becomes very easy to buy any cryptocurrency.

  • Log in to your account using your username and password;
  • Open the menu and select “buy cryptocurrency”;
  • Specify the type of currency and purchase amount;
  • Specify the type of purchase (via credit card, e-wallet, etc.);
  • Enter your data and go through the verification procedure;
  • The money will be credited to your account as soon as possible.

Where can I Buy Bitcoin Cash?

Our Coinsbuy service also enables you to buy Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies for maximum benefit. We not only offer you the lowest transaction fees, we also ensure maximum security and transaction processing speed.

How can I Exchange Bitcoin Cash?

Registered users of the Coinsbuy website get the opportunity not only to buy Bitcoin Cash online but also to exchange cryptocurrencies. To do this, you need to log into your account and open the user menu. Next you need to specify the type of cryptocurrency and the exchange method (fiat currencies, another crypto, etc.). To carry out the operation, you will need to provide personal data and go through the verification procedure.

How to Sell Bitcoin Cash?

This is another handy option that allows you to sell coins. To do this, a registered Coinsbuy user should take several steps.

  • Log in to your account;
  • Select “sell”, specify the type of currency, amount and withdrawal method;
  • Provide personal data to process the transaction;
  • Confirm the procedure and wait for the money to be received.

Where can I Sell Bitcoin Cash?

Coinsbuy is the most convenient place not only to buy Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies but also to sell currencies. The company offers a simple registration procedure, a wide range of options, minimum commission, and maximum security.

How to Open Bitcoin Cash Wallet?

You will have the opportunity to open a wallet immediately after registering on the Coinsbuy website. You can now open the user menu, select “create wallet” and enter your details. In a few minutes, you will have a Bitcoin Cash wallet at your disposal.

How to Receive Bitcoin Cash?

This is another convenient opportunity offered to Coinsbuy customers after registration. Enter your personal information and confirm your decision. Now all funds and transactions with Bitcoin Cash will be processed through this wallet.

How to Send Bitcoin Cash?

Thanks to the Coinsbuy service, customers can not only buy Bitcoin Cash instantly but also send cryptocurrency to other users and wallets. Log in to your account, select the user menu (“Send currency” function), enter the details, and wait for the transaction to complete.

Is it safe to Buy Bitcoin Cash?

Yes, buying Bitcoin Cash with a credit card has become very easy thanks to Coinsbuy. The service uses the most modern security systems, as well as a two-factor authentication program, which eliminates the risk of hacking and guarantees maximum security.

How can I Convert Bitcoin Cash?

All it takes is a couple of easy steps to convert Bitcoin Cash.

  • Log in to your account (or register);
  • Open the user menu and select the “convert” item;
  • Indicate the details of your transaction (the type of currency, amount, etc.) and personal data;
  • Confirm the decision, go through verification, and wait for the operation to complete.

What is the lowest amount of Bitcoin Cash I can Buy?

For convenience and protection from hacker attacks, the Coinsbuy service has a minimum limit for buying cryptocurrencies and other transactions. The limit is 25 EUR per operation.

What is the maximum amount of Bitcoin Cash I can Buy?

The Coinsbuy service has some restrictions to improve your safety and prevent money laundering.

  • 2000 EUR per one transaction;
  • 5000 EUR per day;
  • 15000 EUR per week and month (for one account);
  • 10 transactions per day for one card;
  • 10000 EUR per month for one card.

What is the Price of Bitcoin Cash today?

The Bitcoin Cash is constantly changing. In 2016, it was about $310, but by 2017 it had risen to $3656. Today one coin costs $290-300. You can track the current value on the Coinsbuy website thanks to the handy and informative chart. Make profitable, safe, and fast transactions with cryptocurrencies with our service.