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Buy EOS with credit card

Buying cryptocurrency is one of the best investments available in the modern world. Many successful businessmen have made billions thanks to this smart strategy. Today, blockchain-based online currencies are increasing in popularity and value. Therefore, you can buy EOS with a credit card or otherwise and make a great investment. However, this choice will only be the correct one if you cooperate with a reliable service that guarantees convenience and safety. Coinsbuy website offers the best conditions and prices for cryptocurrency.

What you need to know about EOS

EOS is a project of the famous programmer Daniel Larimer. The entrepreneur presented his concept of a currency based on Blockchain technology in May 2017 at the Consensus conference. Previously, he had already earned himself an excellent reputation thanks to two projects: he tried to decentralize the social network (Steemit) and the cryptocurrency exchange (Bitshare). The platforms are known for their high transaction processing speed. By the end of 2017, users were able to buy EOS with a credit card instantly on various websites and platforms.

The main difference between EOS and other digital currencies is that there is no commission for each transaction. However, the system reserves some part of the resources to be used in the processing of future transactions.

EOS is a large server with limited CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth. It is possible to reserve such resources (if a network and CPU is required), as well as to purchase them (RAM). In addition, the project has a special feature that allows you to fix bugs in poorly functioning applications, as well as get help in solving legal problems that arise from users.

EOS features

EOS is declared as a decentralized operating system making it possible to quickly launch any decentralized service and create unique applications.
Elimination of transaction fees. Users own and have the right to use resources proportional to their rate, instead of paying for each transaction.
Scalability to millions of users and millions of transactions per second through asynchronous communication and parallel data processing.
EOS also has the ability to correct bugs with prevailing consensus. This is because EOS uses delegated stock protection, whereby multiple watchdog nodes are assigned by the network as representatives to make certain decisions without polling the entire network.

How can I buy EOS?

Buy EOS with fiat currencies is easy thanks to Coinsbuy. You just have to register on the site, log into your account, and provide all the necessary data (transaction amount, type of payment, wallet number, etc.). After verification of your identity, the cryptocurrency will be credited to your account.

How to Buy EOS with a credit card?

This requires a few simple steps:

  • Open an account on the Coinsbuy website (or enter your profile);
  • Open the user menu and select “buy crypto”;
  • Specify the type of currency, transaction amount and payment option (via credit card, e-wallet, etc.);
  • Enter your data and go through verification;
  • Wait until the funds are credited to account.

Where can I buy EOS?

The modern world offers many opportunities: various sites and exchanges but the best solution is to buy EOS and other cryptocurrencies at Coinsbuy as our service offers great conditions, maximum security and minimum commission.

How can I Exchange EOS?

Another useful feature of Coinsbuy is the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies. To do this, you need to register, log into your account, and select “Exchange” from the menu. Now you will need to specify all the details of the transaction and provide personal information. The transaction will be completed shortly after verification and confirmation.

How to Sell EOS?

The Coinsbuy website not only offers you the chance to buy EOS and other cryptocurrencies but also sell them. This option is available to registered users.

  • Log in to your account;
  • Select “Sell crypto”;
  • Specify the details of the transaction;
  • Go through the verification procedure;

Where can I sell EOS?

The Coinsbuy website is the best place not only to buy EOS online but also to sell cryptocurrency as the service offers the best price, takes the lowest commission, and provides maximum security to its users.

How to Open EOS Wallet?

It’s simple. All you need to do is open an account on the Coinsbuy website. This option is free. The new client now has access to great features and can open the EOS wallet from the custom menu.

How to Receive EOS?

First of all, log into your account on the website and open your EOS wallet. Now enter the details of the transaction (transaction amount, another wallet, payment method, and personal data). Wait until the transaction is confirmed and completed.

How to Send EOS?

We give you convenient instructions.

  • Log in to your account on the Coinsbuy website;
  • Open your EOS wallet;
  • Specify the number of another wallet and the amount of the transaction;
  • Go through the verification procedure;
  • The money will be credited to another account as soon as possible.

Is it safe to buy EOS?

Our service uses the most advanced user-protection technologies. Thanks to such systems, any fraudster will not be able to find out details of the payment, and all transactions are as safe as possible. Therefore, you can buy EOS and other cryptocurrencies on Coinsbuy quickly, conveniently, and securely.

How can I Convert EOS?

This option is available to registered customers. Open the user menu, select “Exchange crypto” and specify additional information: type of currencies, exchange method, transaction amount, and personal data. Confirm the decision and wait for the operation to complete.

What is the lowest amount of EOS I can buy?

For security and fraud protection, the Coinsbuy service has some limitations. For example, the minimum trade limit. Therefore, you can buy EOS with a credit card for at least 25 EUR.

What is the maximum amount of EOS I can buy?

The Coinsbuy service cares about convenience and security, so it has set maximum transaction limits.

  • 1000 EUR per 30 Days on one Card;
  • No more than 10 transactions per day on one card;
  • 2000 EUR per one transaction;
  • 5000 EUR per 24 Hours;
  • 15000 EUR per 7 and 30 days.

What is the Price of EOS today?

You can buy EOS instantly, but the price of the coin changes every minute. Therefore, the site has a convenient chart tracking the price for the last half hour. Thanks to Coinsbuy, you can make the safest and most profitable transaction by buying or selling cryptocurrency at the best price.