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Buy Gemini Dollar GUSD with a Credit Card

A professional financial analyst once said – “the older generation invests in gold, the young – in cryptocurrencies.” This is true, as cryptocurrencies have helped many people become billionaires.

Their rate of growth can reach thousands of percent and maximise income. However, such instability frightens off some users, because it is not always easy to predict the trend. There is, however, a way out of this situation with “stable coins” which are tied to the rate of real fiat currencies. For example, you can buy GUSD with a credit card and guarantee a reliable investment (the rate is 1 USD approximately). Coinsbuy offers the best conditions for making transactions with cryptocurrencies, as well as maximum security.

Everything you need to know about GUSD

The history of the currency began in 2018 when Winklevoss, the successful millionaire brothers, decided to develop their stable coin. The Winklevoss brothers are known all over the world as very successful crypto investors. They were the first to see the prospects for Bitcoin and bought $11 million worth of coins. The profit helped them open the famous Gemini exchange and launch their own stable coin.

The opportunity to buy GUSD online arose at the end of 2018. This cryptocurrency has many important features.

GUSD does not depend on cryptocurrency market fluctuations, in particular, on Bitcoin prices. The coin’s price is fixed and pegged to the US dollar. Fluctuations in other assets (BTC, ETH, etc.) do not affect its rate either.
The described coin differs from competitors with the presence of an independent auditor. Everyone has the right to check the security of tokens with fiat money.
Tokens are created based on the Ethereum blockchain. They use the ERC-20 standard, which allows flexible customization of the platform for any need.
The cryptocurrency code is open and available for verification by all interested parties. Any user with the necessary knowledge can test it for errors. The same applies to smart contracts used in the system.

  • Users and administrators of cryptocurrency exchanges reacted positively to Gemini Dollar. In six months, the token has appeared on all major platforms for trading electronic money.
  • The system works based on smart contracts that control the process of issuing tokens.
  • Gemini Dollar has no maximum emission. The number of tokens in circulation is equal to the USD supply created to support this cryptocurrency.

How can I Buy GUSD?

To buy GUSD and other cryptocurrencies you must register on the Coinsbuy website. You will now have access to an extensive custom menu where you can choose: buy, sell, or exchange coins. Our service guarantees our clients the best conditions.

How to Buy GUSD with a credit card?

The process is very simple and consists of several steps.

  • Register on the site and log into your account;
  • Activate the custom menu (“Buy” option);
  • Specify the type of cryptocurrency, the number of coins and the type of payment (via credit card);
  • Go through the verification procedure and wait for the coins to be credited to your wallet;

Where can I Buy GUSD?

The internet offers many opportunities to buy GUSD with fiat currencies but users who prefer convenience and security usually choose Coinsbuy as our service allows you to conclude profitable deals with a minimum commission.

How can I Exchange GUSD?

Thanks to Coinsbuy, you can not only buy GUSD with a credit card instantly but also exchange cryptocurrency. Just log into your account and select the “exchange” option in the user menu. Now you need to specify the details of the transaction (the second type of cryptocurrency, amount, etc.), as well as go through the verification procedure. The operation will be completed as soon as possible after confirmation.

How to Sell GUSD?

This is another useful and convenient option that Coinsbuy offers its customers:

  • Log in to your account using your password (or go through the registration procedure);
  • Open the user menu (Sell option);
  • Indicate the transaction amount, type of payment (credit card, e-wallet, etc.);
  • Provide personal data for verification;
  • Wait for the confirmation and receive your money.

Where can I Sell GUSD?

Coinsbuy is the best place to buy GUSD and other cryptocurrencies, sell or exchange them. We offer an excellent opportunity to securely complete a transaction at the best price with a minimum commission.

How to Open GUSD Wallet?

To do this, you will need to go through a quick and convenient registration procedure on the site. Now you can log into your account and open any cryptocurrency wallet. Just select the GUSD wallet and enter your personal information and you can then use it to carry out transactions.

How to Receive GUSD?

To receive coins to your wallet when you make transactions, you will need to enter an account number and activate it. Thereafter, when you buy GUSD with a credit card, the money will go here.

How to Send GUSD?

Another useful option is available to Coinsbuy customers. A registered user must log in to an account, select the “send crypto” option, and indicate the details of the transaction (recipient’s wallet, amount and other details). The operation will be performed after identity verification and confirmation.

Is it safe to Buy GUSD?

Yes, because Coinsbuy uses the latest technology. Every time you buy GUSD and other cryptocurrencies, all personal data is encrypted using complex protocols. Therefore, scammers cannot hack into your account and take over your money.

How can I Convert GUSD?

Thanks to Coinsbuy, this procedure is simple and convenient.

Visit the official website and log into your account;
Activate the “convert” option in the user menu;
Specify the transaction amount and type of conversion;
Confirm the decision, go through the verification procedure, and wait for the transaction to complete.

What is the lowest amount of GUSD I can buy?

Coinsbuy is a legal company with strict anti-money laundering policies. Therefore, the site has a minimum transaction limit. Each trade must be at least 25 EUR.

What is the maximum amount of GUSD I can buy?

Coinsbuy has some restrictions on the maximum limits.

  • 2000 EUR per one transaction on one credit card;
  • 10 transaction to one card for 24 hours;
  • 1000 EUR per 1 month (for one credit card);
  • 5000 EUR per 1 day;
  • 15000 EUR per 30 days.

What is the Price of GUSD today?

As already mentioned, the exchange rate depends on the USD rate and is a little over $1. Today this figure is $1.0051 (due to system commission). Coinsbuy offers you the opportunity to buy GUSD instantly, safely, and with maximum profit. It is your best partner for cryptocurrency investments and transactions.