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Buy Paxos Standard (PAX) with a Credit Card

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile virtual assets but recent developments have sought to address these concerns. Stablecoins are among the most reliable coins from the viewpoint of their investing potential. Paxos Standard or PAX is the top-rated stablecoin launched by the Paxos Trust Company in 2018.

PAX tokens are backed by fiat US dollars (1:1), and are regulated by the NYSDFS (New York State Department of Financial Services). If a company issues one PAX, one fiat USD goes to the company’s banking account. The developers of the stablecoin combine the security and reliability of fiat currencies with the revolutionary technologies crypto assets are linked with.

Coinsbuy enables a user to buy PAX with a credit card within several minutes. Investors are interested in Paxos Standard tokens as virtual US dollars, based on their rates correlation.
According to market capitalization, PAX is ranked in 48th position, with 24-hour trading volumes placing it in the top-25 most traded virtual currencies. The cryptocurrency was issued on the

Ethereum blockchain hence, tokens correspond to the ERC-20 standard. Investors tend to buy PAX for diversifying their portfolios and protecting investments.

How can I Buy PAX?

Paxos Standard is among the cryptocurrencies listed by Coinsbuy where registered users may purchase stablecoins quickly and securely. The platform is in partnership with leading fiat-to-crypto gateways, empowering a user to buy PAX with fiat currencies. Furthermore, investors can manage their assets, holding, exchanging, or selling virtual currencies.

How to Buy PAX with credit card?

This option is available for registered users only, hence, you need to sign up first which is free of charge. After opening an account, follow the next steps:

  • Choose Paxos Standard from the list of available virtual currencies.
  • Enter the amount of stablecoins you wish to purchase.
  • Specify the fiat currency to exchange for crypto.
  • Get verified.
  • Complete the purchase.

The platform makes the purchase process entirely straightforward. As for the verification, this takes a user about 15 minutes.

Where to Buy PAX?

This stablecoin is among the most reliable and top-rated assets, hence, PAX is listed by many platforms. Coinsbuy offers a registered user the chance to buy PAX with a credit card instantly, experiencing the lowest fees and entirely secure transfers. Diverse features are at your fingertips: purchase, hold, sell, or exchange your assets within several minutes.

How can I Exchange PAX?

When you buy Paxos Standard tokens, volatility doesn’t impact your investments. Meanwhile, users prefer to exchange PAX stablecoins to other cryptocurrencies to obtain maximum profits. Coinsbuy empowers a user to convert one asset into others directly from the platform.

How can I Sell PAX?

Investors are able to sell their Paxos Standard stablecoins and get fiat currencies back. Follow the step-by-step guide:

Get authorised by the system.
Choose PAX and specify the amount of stablecoins you have for sale.
Select a fiat currency you wish to obtain.
Get verified.
Complete the process

Where to Sell PAX?

Users are accessible to buy PAX online, as well as to sell stablecoins with the lowest fees. Get fiat currencies directly on your credit card. Coinsbuy secures all transfers and supports diverse fiat currencies, opening broad opportunities for investors from different countries.

How to Open PAX Wallet?

Investors are able to open a Coinsbuy account with just a few steps:

Access the official website.
Enter the required information (name, date of birth, etc.).
Validate your account (email, phone, selfie verifications are attached).
Open a wallet for free.

The platform supports more than 25 virtual assets.

How to Receive PAX?

Since Paxos Standard stablecoins are considered as tokenized US dollars, they are widely used as payment methods. Coinsbuy users may receive digital assets from other wallets. Open your wallet to let the system generate a unique address.

Copy that address and send it to a person intended to fund your account. Every next time you request an address, the system generates the new one. Note that all generated addresses are valid, transferring crypto money to your wallet.

How to send PAX?

Some users buy PAX with a credit card to extend their purchasing power. Many goods and services are available for Paxos Standard stablecoins. Take an address and enter it into the necessary field, specifying the amount of PAX tokens you wish to send. Coinsbuy makes it easy and secure to send and receive any virtual currencies.

Is it Safe to Buy PAX?

The platform keeps an eye on a user’s security hence, registered investors need to undergo two-factor authentication to get access to their accounts. As for the stablecoin, registered users wish to buy PAX with fiat currencies as the crypto is backed by US dollars. Your investments are protected.

How can I Convert/Exchange PAX?

Stablecoins are frequently purchased by traders who strive to make a profit from the asset’s volatility. Paxos Standard tokens are the perfect way to hold crypto investments. Coinsbuy enables a user to convert stablecoins into other listed cryptocurrencies whenever they wish.

What is the lowest amount of PAX I can Buy?

Deposits to a Coinsbuy wallet may start from 25 Euros. That means a registered investor is able to buy PAX and other cryptocurrencies equivalent to the minimum limit. As for Paxos Standard tokens, 25 Euros is correlated with 29.5 PAX.

What is the maximum amount of PAX I can Buy?

Maximum limits that are set by Coinsbuy as follows:

  • One transaction should be less than €2000 (2360 PAX).
  • The daily transaction limit is €5000 (5900 PAX).
  • Weekly and monthly limits are €15000 per one account (17700 PAX).
  • The monthly transaction limit per one card is €10000 (11800 PAX).
  • The total number of daily transactions should not exceed 10 deposits.

What is the PAX price now?

The price of one Paxos Standard token is $1.00 hence, investors may wish to take the opportunity to buy PAX with a credit card. The ROI of the stablecoin is 0.23%, and the all-time 2020 high is $1.01. The all-time 2020 low is $0.992.

Paxos Standard is not about trading and profits. It is is all about being a reliable digital asset, suitable for payments and international transactions.