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Buy TUSD with a credit card

A professional investor always finds opportunities for profitable investments. The right combination of perspective and stability can bring maximum profit. Many users choose to buy cryptocurrency by acting on the rate change. However, such a strategy can bring losses – standard digital currencies are too volatile.

Clients who prefer reliability and predictability prefer to buy TUSD with a credit card because this currency belongs to the class of stable coins. Coinsbuy offers you the best conditions for buying, selling, exchanging digital currencies.

What is TUSD and some features of the currency

In 2017, programmers and researchers at the Carnegie Institute of California concluded that cryptocurrencies scare off a large number of investors due to serious fluctuations in the exchange rate. Their task was to create a new type of currency (stable coin), which would depend on the real exchange rate.

By mid-2018, users were able to buy TUSD with fiat currencies. Today, they work with licensed financial institutions that take part in securing cryptocurrency. To improve security, developers do not have access to asset transactions. Funds are processed by trust companies and banks.

Besides, TrueUSD has several important features.

  • careful observance of standards for the digital currency rate to be stable;
  • financial institutions responsible for securing cryptocurrency do not require clients to provide personal information;
  • the system is designed so that it is possible to exchange digital money for dollars directly and transfer them for storage;
  • according to the provisions of smart contracts, the exchange of TrueUSD for fiat money is carried out in a 1: 1 ratio.
  • the work of the company is constantly monitored through audits by independent specialized organizations.
  • the platform does not affect the conduct of operations. Legal protection of token holders is provided by the US regulatory framework and regular audits;
  • confidentiality of participants. The system cannot find out anything about the client. The available data are only account details and some details of operations;

Thanks to Coinsbuy, you can buy TUSD and other cryptocurrencies as quickly and safely as possible, at the best price.

How can I Buy TUSD?

This option becomes available to Coinsbuy customers after registration. You can log into your account, open the user menu (“Buy”) and specify the details of the transaction. The cryptocurrency will be credited to your account after you confirm the decision and go through the registration procedure.

How to Buy TUSD with a credit card?

This is one of the most popular transactions performed by Coinsbuy customers.

  • Log in to your account or go through the registration procedure;
  • Select the custom menu and activate the “buy crypto” option;
  • Specify the type of currencies, transaction amount and type of payment;
  • Confirm the decision and go through the verification procedure;
  • Wait for the receipt of coins to your wallet.

Where can I Buy TUSD?

Many sites on the Internet offer you the chance to buy TUSD with credit card instantly, but Coinsbuy is the best choice. Our company has a wealth of experience and an excellent reputation, which is the best indicator of successful work. Great deals are possible with Coinsbuy.

How can I Exchange TUSD?

This is another option available to registered customers. Simply log into your account, open the user menu, and select the “Exchange” option. Now specify the transaction amount and type of exchange. The operation will be completed as soon as possible.

How to Sell TUSD?

Coinsbuy offers you the chance to not only to buy TUSD and other cryptocurrencies but also to exchange and sell them.

  • Register a profile on the site;
  • Log in to your account and open the user menu;
  • You need to activate the “sell crypto” option and provide information about the transaction (how many coins you want to sell, how to get money, etc.);
  • Enter your personal information and confirm the decision. The money will be credited to your account soon.

Where can I Sell TUSD?

The best and most correct solution is to cooperate with Coinsbuy because our site can guarantee the maximum security of your transaction, as well as offer the most favorable rate and minimum commission.

How to Open TUSD Wallet?

This option becomes available immediately after registration on the Coinsbuy website. There is a special opportunity to create a wallet in the user menu. You will need to provide personal data and confirm the decision. Now you can buy TUSD and other cryptocurrencies, sell or exchange them at the most favorable rate.

How to Receive TUSD?

You will need to register on the Coinsbuy website and open a cryptocurrency wallet. Now you can enter your wallet number every time you make a transaction and money will arrive here.

How to Send TUSD?

This is another convenient option available to registered customers. You just need to open the user menu, select the “send” item, indicate the recipient’s wallet, and confirm the decision. The transaction will be processed as soon as possible.

Is it safe to Buy TUSD?

Yes, on the Coinsbuy website you can buy TUSD online without the fear of cybercriminals. The site uses the most modern technologies so your data is reliably protected from hacking. We guarantee the maximum level of security and the minimum commission.

How can I Convert TUSD?

To convert currency, you need to take a few simple steps. First, log into your account using your password. Now select the “convert” item in the user menu and specify the details of the transaction (amount, type of conversion, etc.). Next, provide your personal data for processing. The transaction will be completed as soon as possible after confirmation.

What is the lowest amount of TUSD I can buy?

The company has some restrictions that allows it to ensure security and prevent money laundering. You can buy TUSD with a credit card for a minimum amount of 25 EUR.

What is the maximum amount of TUSD I can buy?

  • Maximum transaction amount is 2,000 Eur
  • Daily limit per account 5,000 Eur
  • Weekly limit per account 15,000 Eur
  • Monthly limit per account 15,000 Eur
  • Number of card transactions per day: 10
  • Transaction limit per 1 card per month 10,000 Eur

What is the Price of TUSD today?

The market price of TrueUSD is $1. Thanks to Coinsbuy, you can buy TUSD instantly with minimal fees. The company also provides maximum security and convenience for your transactions. Invest profitably and make successful cryptocurrencies transactions thanks to Coinsbuy.