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Buy Tether with a credit card

The Tether token (USDT) was launched in 2015 to solve the key problem of digital assets. Cryptocurrencies are volatile, and this can sometimes prevent people from investing. When you buy Tether with a credit card, investments are protected as USDT tokens are backed by fiat USD. Such a characteristic makes this digital asset the first stablecoin (crypto that is not influenced by volatility).

The Tether company announced that 74% of the token’s value is backed by US dollars; therefore, investing risks are minimized. The first stablecoins were launched on the Bitcoin blockchain, while there are tokens corresponding to the ERC-20 standard based on Ethereum blockchain. The idea of such an asset lies in combining the ability to invest in crypto with the exclusion of volatility risks.

USDT is the leading digital asset, according to 24h trading volume. Its dominance is about 30-35% of the total daily crypto trading volume. Investors prefer to buy Tether, considering it the best way to protect funds. Aside from the investment attractiveness, USDTs are step-by-step widespread as a payment method.

USDT stablecoins are the golden middle between fiat and digital assets; therefore, investors from both developed and developing countries are likely to buy Tether with fiat currencies to make a head start on the crypto market.

How can I Buy Tether?

Coinsbuy offers a safe, secure, and convenient way to buy USDT. Traders are welcome to refill their wallets with Tether stablecoins, selecting the preferred option – either fiat or digital currencies. The platform deals with banking cards, making the exchange process straightforward. Visit the official website to buy, sell, or hold USDT just in several clicks.

How to Buy Tether with credit card?

The following steps are required to buy Tether with a credit card instantly:

Undergo the registration process that takes several minutes.
Choose the crypto (Tether) and the amount you wish to deposit into your account.
Select your preferred fiat currency.
Complete the identity verification process.
Confirm the transaction.

Where to Buy Tether?

Coinsbuy is the best solution to buy Tether and other cryptocurrencies. Such a platform deposit into your account preferred payment option. Furthermore, investors have access to manage their crypto portfolio in one click. Coinsbuy makes it possible to use both fiat currencies and other digital assets to buy USDT tokens.

How can I Exchange Tether?

The Coinsbuy platform comprises simple and secure exchanging algorithms.
Buy USDT with a bank card, sell tokens when you wish, or exchange stablecoins into other digital assets.

All necessary features are at your fingertips.

How can I Sell Tether?

Users are free to withdraw their USDT tokens to credit cards, converting assets into a chosen fiat currency:

Log into the Coinsbuy platform.
Denote the amount of Tether tokens you wish to sell.
Specify the preferred fiat currency.
Complete the verification process.
Confirm the action to receive funds on your credit card.

Where to Sell Tether?

Coinsbuy deals with top-rated digital currencies and stablecoins. Tether is not an exception. Users are accessible to buy or sell USDT tokens instantly. Furthermore, Tether holders may send their assets for free. Manage your portfolio and get maximum profits with Coinsbuy.

How to Open Tether Wallet?

The Coinsbuy platform makes the process of a wallet opening straightforward and time-saving. Just visit the official website and register an account, filling in the required fields. Note that Coinsbuy wallets are available for persons of 18+, according to the current legislation. A wallet empowers a user to buy Tether online and other digital currencies listed on the platform.

How to Receive Tether?

Users may refill their accounts by receiving funds from different addresses (other wallets, payments, etc.). Login to the platform and select USDT. The system generates a unique address. Insert an address into the necessary field or send it to persons who wish to deposit into your account.

How to Send Tether?

Aside from the ability to buy Tether and other cryptocurrencies, users may send their USDT tokens to any addresses, transfer funds to other wallets or purchase goods and services. To send Tether, the following steps are required:

Login to your Coinsbuy account.
Enter the USDT wallet.
Fill in an address i the specific fields and confirm the transaction.

Is it safe to buy Tether?

USDT tokens are backed by US dollars; therefore, investors do not have to take the risks that are linked with most other digital assets. The company has collected USD, correlating with the total amount of tokens, which is why Tether cannot vanish. The popularity of this stablecoin is rapidly growing, and traders worldwide prefer to buy Tether with fiat currencies.

How can I Convert/Exchange Tether?

Our platform offers the most user-friendly services; Coinsbuy saves users’ time. If you wish to to convert your digital assets, follow this step-by-step guide:

Login to your account.
Click on the ‘Exchange’ insert.
Select Tether from the list of wallets.
Specify the number of tokens you wish to convert.
Choose the crypto you wish to get.
Confirm the exchange.

What is the lowest amount of Tethers I can buy?

The platform has some limits regarding the minimum deposit amount. Users can deposit into their accounts with digital assets equivalent to €25. That means you are able to purchase 29 USDT or more with one transaction.

What is the maximum amount of Tethers I can buy?

If you wish to buy Tether with a credit card, there are also high limits. Coinsbuy sets the following limits:

  • €2000 per one transaction (2320 USDT);
  • €5000 per day (5800 USDT):
  • €15000 per week (17400 USDT);
  • €15000 per month (17400 USDT);
  • €10000 monthly limit per one card (11600 USDT);
  • 10 card transactions per day.

What is the Tether price now?

Tether is backed by USD, therefore, its price is correlated with this top-rated fiat currency. The developers consider USDT as the digital equivalent to fiat dollars. Tether’s price is in the range of $0.96 – $1.02 per one stablecoin (referring to a one-year period).